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Derek Broughton news at
Wed Oct 26 13:52:40 UTC 2005

Dave S wrote:

> Stephen R Laniel wrote:
>>On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 05:09:54PM +0100, Dave S wrote:
>>>Some of them I know I do not need I know I can delve into
>>>/etc/init.d/.... to rename some services with for example a '_' before
>>>the name to disable them but is there a nice kde front end for this ?
>>Easiest way is probably to install rcconf:
>>sudo apt-get install rcconf
>>Then run 'sudo rcconf' and clear the boxes next to those
>>services you want to disable.
> Up and running with rcconf, googled the different services & shut a
> whole lot down. However I still cannot shut down
> 'starting raid devices'
> 'setting LVM volume groups'
> 'starting enterprise management volume system'

Wrong solution for your system!  For KDE, use KSysv, which should be already
in your System menu as "SysV-init Editor".  If you want to ask a KDE
specific question, it's best to ask on the kubuntu list, as users on this
list will tend to assume gnome (and if you are going to ask here, uppercase
KDE - I expect most readers missed that).

Raid devices is mdadm.  You can't just remove it from your system as the
recent kernels depend on it (bah humbug!), but you should be able to stop
it in RunLevel0 (I'm intentionally not running a recent kernel so that I
don't have to have it, so I can't say for sure).  LVM and EVMS (did it
really say that?  I think it was 'starting enterprise volume management
system' :-) ) are both for logical volume management and started in
RunLevel 0.  If you don't use LVMs you might be able to remove them.

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