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Patrick Newberry PNewberry at
Wed Oct 26 13:57:06 UTC 2005

I installed bluefish last night and it looks good to me. I'll work with
it for a bit. I think I'll be happy with it.

I used quanta once on a older machine and it was a bit slow, well more
than a bit slow,  but my current machine has  more horse power so it
might be fine on this machine. 


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Kim Briggs wrote:

> On 10/25/05, *Patrick Newberry* <PNewberry at 
> <mailto:PNewberry at>> wrote:
>     Can anyone recommend a PHP editor I can get with apt-get from the
>     repository?
>     Pat
> I think all three of these provide the basic, full-functional PHP 
> editor.  To each his own.

I don't think we can say that nvu is a php editor. It has no php
specific functions and I've heard (not seen it myself) that it can mess
with your php scripts.

That's my view at least.

Bluefish: I've _always_ have trouble getting it to give previews in a

I've just downloaded screem and quanta - look forward to trying them


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