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R.L.Reingard wrote:
>> Am 25.10.2005, 11:55 Uhr, schrieb R.L.Reingard <list.account at>:
>> who does know how to make partitions at installation in a way that
>> '/'  is one and '/home' is another?
>> a year ago when installing Warty i somehow came to an option like 
>> 'Desktop Installation' which automatically made 2 partitions. one for 
>> '/' and one for '/home'.
>> when checking out this again for a Breezy Installation, i did not
>> find  the way again to achieve that.
> does no one know this 'Desktop Installation' mode, or am I completely 
> wrong with my rememberance?

My earlier reply had a link to the partition howto.  There is a
section in there that tells you how to make partitions using fdisk.
 Once you know how to use fdisk, the partitioning tool that Ubuntu
uses will be dead easy.

I can't remember off the top of my head what the options are since I
haven't done this since I installed Hoary about six months ago.
However, you want to select something that offers you the choice of
manually partitioning the hard disk vice automatic.  Then make a new
partition for /, one for /swap and one for /home.  Play with it a
bit and you'll see that it's not rocket science.  Just takes getting
used to.

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