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Tue Oct 25 18:35:37 UTC 2005

On 10/25/05, Art Alexion <art.alexion at> wrote:
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> Before the last security update to Thunderbird, the connection between
> Thunderbird and Firefox worked fine.ClickingHTTPURLsinmailmessages
> opened the link in Firefox and clicking mailto URLs in Firefox started the
> Thunderbird composer.
> The security update seems to have broken this.IhavegottenmailtoURLsto
> work, but HTTP links in messages create a lot of disk activity, but nothing
> happens.
> Thinderbird doesn't seem to have anything specific in its preferences.The
> Attachments tab lists helper apps, but does not allow mime type additions.
> My configured helpers list is empty.Yettherearesomedefaultactions.
> How are these defaults changed?
> I am using Kubuntu Hoary.
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Hi Art,

I'm not at my Ubuntu computer right now... If you check in the Ubuntu
main desktop menu under "Preferences" or "Administration" (can't
remember which one), there is an item "Default Applications" I
believe. In there is where you specify internet default applications
(mail, web).

I think putting in "mozilla-firefox" for web should work (you can test
the commandline wording in a terminal shell first if you want).


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