Firefox is a PIG on memory var: Respectful critic - thanks.

Matt Patterson matt at
Tue Oct 25 16:21:04 UTC 2005

I feel like I hit a nerve on this one, hehehe. All I have to say is 
relax a little man. I meant no insult, it is only software. I know some 
people get very personal about it, I have in the past as well. I simply 
used "pig" as a reference to the amount of memory being used. A web 
browser that sucks down 300+mb memory and swap definitely scales into 
the "pig" range for me.

And yes, I do contribute bug reports. I have even tracked down the 
occasional bug in code and forwarded the fix onto the real development 
team before.

Hell, I once had a leak that drew exactly 16k of ram per second. I came 
back like 2 weeks later to find numerous gigs of used ram all from this 
simple app. I called all the other developers over, we all had a laugh, 
and then I fixed the stupid bug. All in fun my man.


Phillip Sc. Boegh wrote:

>>I would consider busting out a memory profiler, but generally, I let
>>other people clean up the messes they make. I had a job where I had to
>>fix a leak in someone elses code, and that was horrible to say the
>>least. As per other peoples posts it is a known problem, hopefully it
>>will be fixed in upcoming versions.
>ONLY if you are reporting the problem "Firefox problems on memory" to
>firefox or
>help them making it better at:
>Do not make respectless critic like "Firefox is a PIG on memory"
>- you get all this work for free - how much do you think Internet Explorer
>would have costed if not netscape and mozilla-firefox have existed?
>If you cannot program as a developer then report any bugs gently and with

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