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Tue Oct 25 13:37:41 UTC 2005

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 08:37:18PM +1000, David wrote:
> It's one of those religious things.. like top posting (ducks)
> The local sect of this religion has decided not to do it. Personally I 
> agree with the local sect but there's plus and minus on both sides. It's 
> not an unreasonable question though.

On the scale of hackers -- assuming it goes from 0 (needs
someone else to open the door for him) to 10 (can hack
together his own doorknob using spare neutrinos) -- I'm
probably something like a 6. My friend Adam is something
like an 8 or a 9. Whenever I complain that some feature
isn't available, Adam tells me, "Stupid: go ahead and hack
it together. You've got the skills." Which reminds me that,
oh yeah, I can do this myself.

Which is the perspective I'm bringing to the 'put
[ubuntu-users] in the subject line' question. Yes, I think
the original poster is right that we ought to do this. BUT,
given that no one's set up the list to behave that way yet,
and given that the tools are available now for the original
poster to get what he wants, he should just hack what he

My $0.02.

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