Boot Up Fails with added Wireless Card ... Help

Matt Patterson matt at
Tue Oct 25 12:33:50 UTC 2005

You should look into the PCI spec needed by the card vs. what is 
provided by your mobo. If you have for example 64 bit pci slots then 
they may not support the voltage the card needs.


Trevor Nightingale wrote:

>Thanks for replying, however, I had already tried everything you mentioned. I really believe now that it is a hardware compatibility problem.
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>Trevor Nightingale wrote:
>| I doubt this is actually an Ubuntu problem but I am hoping that 
>| someone smarter than me can figure this one out.
>| I have recently purchased two Zonet ZEW1601 wireless pci cards for two 
>| desktops I have at home. I successfully following the instruction in 
>| the Ubuntu Wireless card how-to and got the card working fine.
>| In my second machine, when I insert the card, the machine will not 
>| boot; I don't even get to the point where I can enter the BIOS. There 
>| is literally nothing on the screen. I turn the machine off, remove the 
>| card and restart and it boots fine.
>| I suspect that my BIOS is having trouble with the card, but I have no 
>| way of knowing.
>| Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>| Thanks in advance,
>| Trevor
>You don't mention what kind of computers you are putting these cards in.
>~ However, I would try swapping the cards just to ensure that one isn't bad.  If the problem doesn't follow the card, then perhaps disable the motherboard's onboard ethernet port (if it has one).  And try the wireless card in a different slot.
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