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On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 10:36:57PM -0400, M Neder wrote:
> anywayz...are you trying to say that its really difficult to put that in the
> subject line?  If so, forget I asked.

I think the point was that it's very easy, in most email
clients, to identify ubuntu-users email messages: they're
all addressed to ubuntu-users at So if you
want to avoid filling up your inbox with ubu-users mail,
just create a filter -- which you can do in Outlook and in
many webmail clients -- that automatically sticks your
ubu-users mail into a separate folder. Voila: now you don't
have to worry about manually hunting for spam. And given how
many messages come from this mailing list, I'm surprised
you're doing this manually.

One of the easiest ways to get mail filtering going under
Linux is to use Procmail. First you set up all your incoming
mail to redirect through Procmail, then you stick a little
file in your home directory called .procmailrc that looks
like so:

	* ^TO_.*ubuntu-users

It's quite arcane-looking, I'll grant you, but it's also
limitlessly powerful. And now every message from this list
will go into the ubuntu-users folder.

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