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Tue Oct 25 02:15:49 UTC 2005

Al Gordon Wrote: 
> On 10/24/05, Matt Patterson <matt (AT) v8zman (DOT) com>
> wrote:[color=blue]

> just as a bit of a tangent, I believe that I heard that the new

> Win4Lin is supposed to run on non-patched kernels.


Win4lin now comes in lots of flavours -- win4lin9X and  Win4Lin Home
still require a patched kernel. Win4Lin Pro doesn't but costs alot more
and needs a much higher spec machine to run.

Having just switched from LInspire, which has a patched kernel built
in, I have spent futile hours trying to build a patched kernel, gave up
on that tried to install qeum and have got no where... 

If anyone can point me to a patched kernel for Breezy I would be
grateful ... so very grateful... Win4Lin95 does what I need I just
can't get to it without clambering over the kernel.


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