freezing problems

David Guard dmguard at
Tue Oct 25 01:20:59 UTC 2005


> > I'm kinda new to ubuntu, actually I've installed it yesterday, but so
> > far I'm very pleased with it.
> > 
> > Today I left the computer for a longer period, it could've been around
> > 1 hour, but I found it freezed rock solid :)
> > 
> > No response to any keystrokes, neither the Num Lock light came up...
> It
> > freezed while it was running the screensaver, so I guess I have the
> same
> > problems as you in this thread.
> > 
> > Did anybody come up with any solution so far?

I have the same problem. 

> In your screensaver preferences, disable random screen savers and pick a
> simple one.  I've found that some OpenGL screen savers can lock my
> machine.

I tried this and it doesn't help.

I've got an nvidia card and I tried both "nvidia" and "nv" in xorg.conf
- No difference.

I've always got evolution and firefox open. So it's possibly something
to do with either of them.


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