freezing problems

Hodgins Family ehodgins at
Mon Oct 24 20:46:30 UTC 2005

Good afternoon!

>> Today I left the computer for a longer period, it could've been around
>> 1 hour, but I found it freezed rock solid :)
>> No response to any keystrokes, neither the Num Lock light came up... It
>> freezed while it was running the screensaver, so I guess I have the same
>> problems as you in this thread.

I was having this problem a year or so back. Screensaver up. Computer 
freezes. Very annoying.

>> Did anybody come up with any solution so far?
> Ok this sort of freeze is usually one of two things, a memory fault 
> whether a
> leak in an app or faulty memory or other hardware such as a cooling fan.

Bingo! a 10.00 fan. Had no problems since then, either. At least with that 


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