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Duarte Diogo wrote:
| Seg, 2005-10-24 às 03:45 -0400, 'Forum Post escreveu:
|>madzzoni Wrote:
|>> I got an older Acer Travelmate 524TX LapTop with 5.10 breezy installed
|>> and a SMC 2635W WirelessCard in the slot.
|>> My access-point is an Airport-express and i have no problems using this
|>> for internet, if i leave it "open" without WEP-code, but when i change
|>> to WEB Code "on" (128 bit enc.) i cannot connect from the Acer LapTop
|>> anymore.
|>> I have typed the code with CAPS=On in the Ubuntu Network interface and
|>> it's present in the "etc/network/interfaces" file, but it will still
|>> not connect.
|>Can somebody help here, please???
| The WEP use isn't a security warranty. You can pass WEP withou dificult.
| Try to search "broken wep security" in Google!
| You can disable WEP and use another security system, like access
| permissions based on MAC Address.
| With this config, only MAC addresses you allow can connect to your router.

While it is quite true that WPA can be broken (usually in about five or
ten minutes), there is not a lot of security in restricting access by
MAC address.  A MAC address can be easily spoofed.

For instance, Auditor will let you set your MAC address:

If you can get WPA running, it is much more difficult to crack.
Unfortunately, it is also much more difficult to get it running.  :-(

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