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David A' Rebel obsidion at
Mon Oct 24 08:29:31 UTC 2005

About Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:26 Charles Yao wibbled about Re: Remove Openoffice 
Beta :

> Hi David,
> When I did the dpkg command it showed a few items on the list but when i
> apt-get remove the packages it says that it is not there. How do I remove
> the icons from the applications menu? I tried the add programs list and it
> shpws that the packages are not installed.
> Charles

 Ok as to removing the icons, I'm guessing gnome rather than kde, sorry not 
familiar with gnomes methods. As to the packages showing have you tried a 
search in synaptic for what is still installed. I'm guessing it installed 
some icons somewhere like /usr/share/icons and that is where the menu pulls 
them from. Shooting in the dark a little here I'm sorry. While the dpkg 
showed there were some bits left the apt-get remove option can sometimes be 
very picky for instance you don't add the bits at the end of the package name 
just the basic package. If you've got aptitude installed it might be a 
cleaner easier way to do it. If you haven't install it and then run it from a 
terminal with sudo aptitude. I can't be clearer than that with the 
information you've given. If you give us the names of the packages still 
showing and that you tried to remove we may be able to figure out the name to 
give apt-get. However do try the aptitude route it may help better.

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