making boot from previous internal drive now external work

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Mon Oct 24 02:25:31 UTC 2005

>   So I'm not alone <grin>. Seems to me posts get ignored when no one
> has the answer.

bingo!  there are nobody who are paid to read this mailing list and
answer every single questions.  We all do it on our own time, each of
us with  our set of skills and knowledge.  There are quite a few
subscribers to this list, so if  answer goes  unanswered, it's quite
possible that nobody has an answer; it's not because of lack of people
reading the question.   Alternate ways of getting free support are to
go on IRC or on the forums; maybe in these 2 areas someone would have
an answer.

> My query about changing text color on the taskbar went
> ignored so now I'm thinking it can't be done.

I would also like to have an answer to that one.  It's actually
something I was wondering last night, and reached the conclusion that
if there was a way of doing it, it wasn't obvious.

Daniel Robitaille

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