Manual Installation of OpenOffice 2.0 and breezy order

Alfred Vahau Alf.Vahau at
Mon Oct 24 00:20:06 UTC 2005

I am running  Ubuntu warthog on a PC. I have downloaded OpenOffice 2.0 
for Linux and intend to install it manually. I will remove the old 
version of OpenOffice which came as part of warty distribution using 
Synaptic menu.
What issues can I expect with the manual installation of OpenOffice 2.0?

I am on a slow network and I want to avoid updating my system to hoary 
or breezy. I understand that breezy has been release so can I proceed to 
place a shipit order for it. I have a major project coming up which 
require alternative desktop applications to MS and breezy and Open 
Office 2.0 are likely candidates in the tests.


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