using WIPE successfuly on EXT3

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Derek Broughton wrote:
| Lee Braiden wrote:
|>On Friday 21 October 2005 14:26, Derek Broughton wrote:
|>>Sure it would.  The journal is just a file.  It would get wiped like any
|>>other file.
|>He's not talking about wiping the journal.  He's talking about wiping a
|>file. If the journal still contains any information about that file, then
|>the file may be more recoverable than expected.
| But the journal _is_ just a file.  When you mount the partition as
ext2, why
| is it going to be treated differently?

I think that he wants to wipe a file but not the whole partition.  So if
he wipes file "X", then there may be some info left in the journal about
that file.  So he would have to:

1 - mount the partition as ext2
2 - wipe the file
3 - wipe the journal
4 - recreate the journal
5 - remount as ext3

For info on remaking the journal, look here:

That page also has a link to the ext3 mailing list, which is where I'd
ask this question before taking a chance on a partition that I cared about.

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