HP Deskjet710C not printing (breezy)

Wim Bertels wim.bertels at khleuven.be
Sat Oct 22 12:50:41 UTC 2005


i can't seem to get my HP 710C to print something on LPT1.(par port 1)
i only found the same problem on
not a solution though, damn

(ubuntu 5.10 main restricted)

sometimes: i get the status: parallell port busy (instead or ready) when
trying to print, but with or without this status, nothing is printed

in the syslog i find this when i try to print a testpage:
Oct 22 14:44:56 localhost kernel: [4302670.258000] lp0: ECP mode
Oct 22 14:45:00 localhost pnm2ppa[9901]: read_config_file(): error
parsing config file at line 18


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