using WIPE successfuly on EXT3

R.L.Reingard list.account at
Sat Oct 22 08:38:45 UTC 2005

> Am 21.10.2005, 15:26 Uhr, schrieb Derek Broughton <news at>:

>> Lee Braiden wrote:

>>> On Friday 21 October 2005 12:01, R.L.Reingard wrote:
>>> i do use wipe (file erasing), which only does run on EXT2 file system.
>>> now i got to hear that one can mount an EXT3 as EXT2, as EXT2 is the
>>> surface layer of EXT3 anyway.
>>> does this mean if ext3 is mounted as ext2 i could use wipe successfuly?
>>> who knows about?
>>> would be fine to understand this.

>> I've heard conflicting talk about using wipe on a journalled filesystem.
>> I don't think it would help much to remount ext3 as ext2, since the
>> journal would still be on the disk.

> Sure it would.  The journal is just a file.  It would get wiped like any
> other file.

Derek, you are 100% sure, that, if i mount an ext3 partition as ext2, i  
could use Wipe successfully to erase files? i ask this, because, you can  
run wipe also on ext3 but a file will not be truly erased - and Wipe does  
not tell you this at all.
thanks again for answer,

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