there is no OpenOffice 2.0 in HOARY!

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sat Oct 22 04:51:28 UTC 2005

> I've search and install openoffice 2.0 using synaptic packet manager,
> after finish, installed package is not openoffice 2.0 but 1.9. I
> already did 'apt-get update' to get the latest package, but still I
> cannot get THE REAL OPENOFFICE 2.0.
> does UBUNTU HOARY has OPENOFFICE 2.0 in its repositories?

considering OpenOffice.org2  was released yesterday
(, and Hoary
was released in April, it's not surprising that you cannot find it;
and you will not find it in the future since Hoary has been frozen for
the last 6 months.

Version 1.9 shouldn't be too far from 2.0  feature-wise.  You can
always install OOo2 manually from their web site, upgrade to Breezy to
get a pre-release version of OOo2  very close to that official version
2 that was released yesterday, or wait for the next Ubuntu release
(Dapper next April) to get the real version 2.0.

Personally I have been using the version in Breezy for the last few
months, and it works pretty well for me.

Daniel Robitaille

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