Breezy & Ibook G4

dan hentaidan at
Sat Oct 22 00:45:38 UTC 2005

I've just installed Breezy onto a 12" Ibook G4 along with Mac OS X,
and as always, it was effortless :D

I have a couple of small problems that I cant seem top shake:

1) Is there any way to disable taps on the touchpad acting as mouse
clicks? I've googled around, but none of the solutions (Fiddling with
xorg.conf & synaptic touchpad settings) seem to have any effect, good
or bad.

2) How can one disable the small rectangular brown box that appears
after you log in to Breezy? I've managed to do this with every other
install, but for some reason I can't find the setting this time...


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