breezy amd64 hw tcp v4 csum failed

Roger Chrisman roger at
Thu Oct 20 23:20:30 UTC 2005

Mark Doeglas wrote:
> dmesg complains on my upgraded breezy amd64 box
> hw tcp v4 csum failed

Mark on AMD64 box,

I am reluctant to upgrade my amd64 box to Breezy via apt-get sources as 
I fear the kernel upgrade may be to a normal 32 bit kernel, not the 
amd64 kernel, that way. And of course that would not work. If you did 
that you can probably just boot into your former kernel.

I might upgrade my desktop box to Breezy by downloading the amd64 
version of Breezy CD and try upgrading with that as apt-get source. 
Have not investigated that yet.

Just a hunch that you may be trying to boot a 32 bit kernel now.

I'm probably wrong. I don't know that error message.

Roger :-)

Roger Chrisman . Palo Alto . 650-387-4732

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