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Charles Malespin charles.malespin at
Thu Oct 20 18:41:23 UTC 2005

Hi all, So I wrote a few weeks ago about a hosed HD problem I was having
with a dual boot XP and Hoary. Well I got a new hard drive from Dell today,
and I have a few questions. SO this is what I would like to do....
I have to return the broken drive to Dell, but before I do that I would like
to install the new one, and possible take some of the data(not all of it is
lost) from the original dual boot drive and transfer it to my new one. Here
are my questions:
- First, after physically installing the new drive, what do I need to do to
format the drive for Breezy to install? I have the CD burnt and ready to go,
do I just turn on the computer with the new drive and boot from the CD and
let breezy do its thing?(I am going to just go ahead and get rid of windows
all together on this new drive).
- Once I get to the partition table, how would I go about making home a
separate partition from root and swap? (Please make dirs easy if possible)
so that if I have another crash I can still have home on another
partition(250Gb hard drive).
- Supposing that I get breezy running on my new drive, how would I get data
off the old drive? (I Cant, repeat Cant, make a backup to transfer... its a
long long story) Is there a way to mount it and then transfer files(mainly
music etc.) from my old drive with Windows and Hoary to my new Breezy
-Is there something else that I need to know upon installing breezy on a
brand new out of the box hard drive? I dont need any CDs from Dell and such
do I?
Thanks for listening to all my questions, this list has always been very
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