Breezy bumps in upgrade

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at
Thu Oct 20 14:31:00 UTC 2005

The upgrade went well, sort of. It needs some smoothing out.

1 First
At first it appeared to hang for over an hour on the glibc update. It did
help that the Synaptic terminal was completely unreadable even when
opened. By highlighting it to reverse the video, I was able to see that it
was asking me a question about restarting all services.
a) This should not happen in an upgrade
b) This should not be buried in the terminal, which is not open by default.
c) The terminal should not be stringy gray fonts on a black background.

2 Second
There were a couple more interactions required. I forget the purpose.
At least they were separate dialog windows, so I could tell interaction
was needed. I think these should be suppressed too.

3 Third
For some reason, the new system is quite unhappy with my partitions,
and complains I have to say what type of partition it is in /etc/fstab.
I wonder what happened to auto-detection.

4) Fourth
After having trouble with mounting, it drops into asking for the root
password. Of course there isn't one, and my user password is *not*
what it needs. Somebody needs to tweak the startup scripts for the
peculiarities of Ubuntu.

Question: who do I tell?

Kevin O'Gorman, PhD
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