Three Random Simple Questions

Dave M G martin at
Thu Oct 20 11:55:06 UTC 2005

Thank you for your responses. I might not have made it clear before that
I am a newbie, so while I took the advice as far as I understood it, I
did have a hard time processing it.

1. Trouble installing themes:
By looking for theme components I've found some of what I've installed.
But not all of it. I can't find any reference to any "Thinkeramik"
files, as icon sets, window borders, or anything. I've double checked to
ensure I've installed it, and yet most of the themes and components
remain invisible.

2. Installing bittorrent gui:
 "gnome-btdownload" is better than what I was having before, but is
still not the desired interface. I was hoping for the official
bittorrent client. I went to the web site and tried to download it
straight from there, but I ended up with a .deb file that I don't know
what to do with. I thought .deb files were like RPMs, in that they were
specific to an installer. But I cant determine what that installer is.

3. Getting graphical icons:
 I have tried to take the advice offered here and see about Nautilus
settings, but I can't find anywhere that even mentions Nautilus, let
alone lets me make adjustments. And I don't know how "network shares"
relate to icons, so I'm unsure how to proceed there.
I did find some "thumbnailer" related packages in Synaptic Package
installer, some of which were already installed. I tried switching from
"totem" based thumbnailers to "xine" based installers, but this had no
effect. Of course, I'm doing a lot of shooting in the dark, so it's no
surprise I'm having no results.

Dave M G

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