Gnome takes over 10 minutes to start

'Forum Post ulist at
Thu Oct 20 04:49:38 UTC 2005

> How comes it has such a devescating effect?

Since Linux is very network-heavy, a lot of things on your average
system communicate through networking. That way, no additional
programming is necessary once a certain bit of software knows about
networks. If it can talk through the net, it will work locally also.
The loopback device is a means to make that much faster and cleaner (no
real network needed, loopback works even on a single workstation etc.)

Gnome, KDE etc. are probably starting a bunch of critical programs that
make use of that. Or the X server itself wanted to use loopback -- at
any rate, a loopback device is important on 99% of all systems, not
having one will definitely give you a headache sooner or later.


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