beagle / best (desktop search)

matt nicholson sjoeboo at
Wed Oct 19 20:51:10 UTC 2005

beagle is going to search your home directory by default and not much 
else. now, this includes files in  you home directory, and things like 
im logs(gaim), email(evolution)
, rss feeds (blam/liferea) etc, since they are all cached in you home 
directory. using beagle-settings, you can add/exclude paths to be 
searched, including an external disk i would assume. you should just be 
able to include the path the where its mounted.

if its a removable device, well, i dunno how beagle will handle it when 
its not there. it might just see and empty directory and do nothing, or 
it might remove the items it thought were tehre from its index, only to 
re add them when teh device is connected. now i'm curious and am off to 
ask the beagle list.

R.L.Reingard wrote:

> hello
> beagle / best is available in Breezy i see.
> 1. does anyone has experience in how to tell Beagle what paths to 
> search?  i do not see any possibility for setting such options.
> 2. and, would Beagle / Best also scan the content of a external  
> USB-Harddisk?
> would be nice to understand that. i do now Copernic Desktop Search 
> under  Windows.
> thank you,
> René

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