How Can I Interpret These Results from event0 and mouse0?

ulrich steffens ulrich at
Wed Oct 19 18:48:26 UTC 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 20.10.2005, 00:00 +0900 schrieb Dave M G:
> Ubuntu Users,
> 	1. Situation
> 	I am trying to configure my Wacom tablet to use as my primary pointing
> device. Actually, I have no mouse attached to the computer. I only have
> a tablet.
> 	The pointer responds to directions from the tablet, so I have some
> ability to navigate in the Gnome environment. However, I can not
> configure or control the settings, which means that the pointer is not
> behaving in a manner that allows for the most comfortable interface.
> 	To modify the xorg.conf file, I need to determine which device driver
> is handling my tablet.
> 	2. Problems
> 	I have narrowed down the possibilities to event0 or mouse0.
> 	When I run the following commands:
> sudo cat event0
> sudo cat mouse0
> 	... and move my pen over my tablet, I get a bunch of feedback,
> indicating that either one, or both, could be responsible for my tablet.
> 	3. Questions
> 	In my xorg.conf file, where it says:
> Section "InputDevice"
> Driver        "wacom"
> Identifier    "cursor"
> Option        "Device"        "/dev/input/event0"
> 	... after "Device", should it be event0 or mouse0 or something else?
> 	Why are both responding to my tablet?
> Thanks for any help.
> --
> Dave M G
hi dave,
this is a complete shot in the dark, but maybe it helps. some time ago i
configured my usb-mouse to have all extra-buttons working and found some
how-to's that deal with 'evdev'. 
so the point is to set things like that: (my mouse for example)

    Driver "mouse"
    Option "Protocol"   "evdev"
    Option "Dev Phys" "usb-0000:00:02.1-1/input0"
    Option "Dev Name" "B16_b_02 USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse"
    Option "Device"     "/dev/input/mice"

to find out which devices are there you
'cat /proc/bus/input/devices'

and to find out what events get triggered when moving and clicking the
device you run 'xev'. this opens a litte window where you move and click
the device and the terminal shows some useful output.

maybe its worth to look at this direction...


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