kaffeine crashes

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Oct 18 20:34:45 UTC 2005

Kaffeine is crashing here as well. I don't understand why Kubuntu would
include such a new & buggy app as Kaffeine. Kplayer is tried and true
and does not have a bunch of useless tabs when a file is opened.
Kplayer does not crash every time like Kaffeine does. Perhaps the
Kubuntu developers should use the Kaffeine version included with Debian
stable, which does not have this problem. For me personally, I can't
understand either why Kaffeine crashes constantly, nor can I understand
why it is necessary for a video player to have 3 tabs in the interface.

I am testing Kubuntu because I have two friends who would like to
switch to Linux. I don't mind hand configuring some things for them,
given that I have used Gentoo for well over 3 years now. However, I can
not recommend Kubuntu for my friends until this video player issue is
solved. It leaves me more than a little disappointed, because overall I
have been very impressed with Kubuntu. It is nice to not have to track
down permissions problems on scanners and have such a easy install. The
video player is a show stopper however. I don't want to drive my friends
back to Windows.


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