totem-xine no dvd sound

R.L.Reingard list.account at
Tue Oct 18 17:20:29 UTC 2005

> Am 18.10.2005, 18:58 Uhr, schrieb Mark Doeglas <almark at>:

>> On 10/18/05, R.L.Reingard <list.account at> wrote:
>> > Am 18.10.2005, 13:30 Uhr, schrieb Mark Doeglas <almark at>:
>> > After upgrading to breezy I don't have sound anymore when I play a dvd
>> > with totem. Suggestions to fix this perhaps?

>> do you have sound in general?

i once also had no more sound eventhough before it was working well. the  
problem was that sound got muted somehow and i could solve that. sorry, i  
think in your case someone else has to answer.

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