Max Andersen max at
Tue Oct 18 13:35:48 UTC 2005

'Forum Post wrote:

>Dear Citrix sufferers,
>We had the same problem - upgrading to Breezy broke our Citrix

And would I have loved this info, just before my FATAL upgrade this 
morning?.....yes sir :)

My xfree86 installation (making my fireGL2 work in 3D, which 
can't) wen't beserk, and a reinstall is under way. I LOVED HOARY, and 
curse/slap myself for trying breezy :(

Now I'm using xorg with no 3D, just to be able to work on my laptop, 
then I must get this breezy badger thing running xfree86 if tthings go 
my way.

Don't upgrade just yet, if you love your current installation...... and 
use xfree86 or citrix, or any othe app, that has not been tested thoroughly.

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