installing 5.10 onto a 450mhz blue and white tower

john levin john at
Tue Oct 18 09:31:11 UTC 2005

Al wrote:
> g'day,
> downloaded 5.10 - no problems
> burnt to a cd - no problems
> getting the cd to boot - no luck
> tried finding info at the website - no luck
> (apart from info about holding down the "C"
> key or the key combo cmd-shift-option-delete)
> suggestions from mac users would be appreciated
> rgds
> Al

Never used that particular model of mac, so this is a bit of a guess, 
but have you made sure your open firmware is up to date, and have you 
tried booting from cd through OpenFirmware?

Also, did you check the integrity of the cd (md5sum)?
Do you get the same result with other linux cds? (eg debian, yellow dog, 
And are you sure the cd-drive is fine (on my old imac, it can be rather 



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