Problem with synaptic package manager

bald_eagle aznest1 at
Mon Oct 17 21:31:04 UTC 2005

Krishnaswamy Subramanian wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>    i am using ubuntu 5.10, i have used the unofficial ubuntu 5.04 addons 
> cd to install some packages everything is working fine, the only problem 
> is i am not able to run synaptic package manager. i have tried to run, 
> it says segmentation fault, can any one help me on this matter. i don't 
> know how to reinstall it again, this is not problem with addon cd 
> because i have done the same thing in my friend pc, there everything is 
> working fine.
>    please tell me how to reinstall synaptic package manager or is there 
> is any other way to solve this
> thanks in advance
> krishnaswamy
Why not use "sudo apt-get remove synaptic" to uninstall synaptic 
package, and then "sudo apt-get install synaptic" to reinstall it?

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