Problem with building a sub-network on Ubuntu 5.10

Michael J. Lynch mlynch at
Mon Oct 17 15:43:33 UTC 2005

I have one working like that too.  Did you make sure to enable
ip forward?

Luis Murillo wrote:
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> OK, this is what the diagram of it would look like:
>   {Internet}---[DSLModem]----[UbuntuMachine]----(LAN)
> Am I correct?
> If it's correct then I can tell you that I have one like that working
> with Ubuntu. Now, in my case eth0 (WAN) obtains an IP from the DHCP
> server on the DSL Modem and eth1 (LAN) has a static IP. I have
> configured Bind9 and DHCP3 so all the machines on the LAN obtain an IP
> address from my machine, for the NATing I use Arno's Firewall Script
> which automatically sets up the IPTable rules and everything else needed
> to allow the workstations on the LAN connect to the Internet. But other
> software like Firestarter and Bastille also configure this.
> Now you don't have to set up a DNS and DHCP server in order to get this
> to work, just set a static IP on the workstations with the default
> gateway as the UbuntuMachine and DNS to the one set on the resolv.conf
> in the Linux machine. That should work or at least it worked for me ;)
> sunny odum wrote:
>>I had established a sub-network on Suse Linux but have
>>not been able to figure out why the problem with the
>>brezzy badger.
>>Here is the scenerio:
>>I have two nics on the ubuntu box. Eth0 connects to
>>the DSL modem and is configured to a Fixed IP
>>address.Eth0  is ok and I could connect the web. Eth1
>>is also configured with class c fixed IP address
>>(, mask ( and the default GW
>>and DNS as provided by the ISP. I have configured
>>Dhcp3 server and enabled IP forwarding. While I could
>>ping the only IP address of Eth1, I could not get the
>>box connected to Eth1 access the web or ping any other
>>IP address. 
>>Is there something I am not doing rightly or should
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