Editing xorg.conf to Control a Wacom Tablet (ignore previous post)

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Mon Oct 17 14:48:20 UTC 2005

Ubuntu Users,

	(Apologies for the earlier half complete post)

	1. Situation
	With the help of this list, I have learnt that Ubuntu detected and
installed drivers for my Wacom tablet as part of it's default
installation. That's great news.
	Apparently now, in order to get my Wacom tablet working to my own
specifications, I need to edit my xorg.conf file.
	I found instructions for doing so doing so on the following two web

	2. Problems
	One thing I notice is that in the xorg.conf suggested on the Ubuntu
page, they use exclamation points in the text. These exclamation points
are not suggested on the sourceforge page.
	Also, in my xorg.conf file, I've identified the Wacom driver with "/dev/wacom0", but I'm not 100% sure that's the correct location.

	3. Questions
	Do I need to have these exclamation points?
	How can I be sure what the right location for the Wacom driver is?
	Is there anything else I need to put in my xorg.conf file so that it will locate my tablet?	

	4. Reference
	Here are the lines that I've put into my xorg.conf file:

Section "InputDevice"
  Driver        "wacom"
  Identifier    "cursor"
  Option        "Device"        "/dev/wacom0"
  Option        "Type"          "cursor"
  Option        "Mode"          "relative"
  Option        "USB"           "on"

Section "InputDevice"
  Driver        "wacom"
  Identifier    "stylus"
  Option        "Device"        "/dev/wacom0"
  Option        "Type"          "stylus"
  Option        "USB"           "on"

Section "InputDevice"
  Driver        "wacom"
  Identifier    "eraser"
  Option        "Device"        "/dev/input/wacom"
  Option        "Type"          "eraser"

Dave M G

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