madwifi/wpa_supplicant no ARP packets after upgrade to Breezy

vmike at vmike at
Mon Oct 17 13:01:19 UTC 2005

I use a notebook with a wifi PCMCIA card (atheros chipset, using madwifi +

After an otherwise uneventfull upgrade to Breezy, my wifi did not work

At that point the setup did still work with the old kernel, but not with the
newer kernel installed with Breezy.

Shortly thereafter a new version of wpa_supplicant was installed by the
update panel which cured half of the problem. 

Wifi connections from the laptop via my access point are now possible, but
connections from the local network TO the laptop are still not possible
(most of the times).

There is no firewall installed, which could block incoming connections.

Further investigation showed, that the other computers on the local network
did not have an ARP entry for the laptop, thus making a connection

If I try to telnet from the laptop to a non-existing telnet server on one of
the other machines in the local network, this connection will of course
fail, but it will deposit the MAC address of the laptop in the ARP cache of
that computer. As long as this ARP entry exists, connections from that
machine TO the laptop are possible.

Any thoughts? Similar expericences?


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