A tiny CD repository problem with upgrading Hoary to Breezy

Neil Woolford neil at neilwoolford.co.uk
Mon Oct 17 10:23:42 UTC 2005

I upgraded continually from Hoary to Breezy as soon as the pre-release
was out.  Basically I upgraded to the Breezy preview CD and then updated
with Synaptic over the internet.  It all worked pretty well.

Now that Breezy is out, I have updated my Synaptic repositories.  There
is no problem with getting updates over the net, but a slight problem
with the Breezy CD.

I removed the old CDs from the repository list and used Edit=>Add CD ROM
to add the Breezy release CD to the repositories.  Now the system often
requires me to insert this CD when upgrading packages via Synaptic.

During a normal installation from scratch, the CD contents are copied
(optionally?) to the local hard drive, so that you don't need to insert
the CD when making later changes.  This hasn't happened when I added the
CD via Synaptic.

How can I force the copying of the CD contents so that they are
available to Synaptic without me having to go and get the disc every
time?  (And then forget it in the drive, thus booting to the installer
next time I use the machine...)


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