Breezy upgrade question

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Oct 15 20:16:30 UTC 2005

Eamonn Sullivan wrote:

> On 15/10/05, R Kimber <rkimber at> wrote:
>> I'm about to upgrade, but don't quite understand the significance of
>> ubuntu-base and ubuntu-desktop
>> I have read in the wiki BreezyUpgradeNotes that you need to have these
>> packages installed, as without them "it is much more likely that you
>> will encounter problems during the upgrade."
>> However, if I choose to install ubuntu-base synaptic says that Exim
>> will be removed (I'm using Exim not Postfix).  I don't want to remove
>> Exim and really don't see why I should be more liable to upgrade
>> problems just because I choose to run Exim.
>> If I choose to install ubuntu-desktop synaptic wants to install
>> OpenOffice which I don't want because that will entail the removal of
>> Abiword and I've never had any joy using OO (it won't print).
>> Ubuntu is for humans, and this one wants Exim and Abiword, but also
>> doesn't want to encounter problems during the upgrade.
>> Is there a way round this? Thanks.
> No. You *will* have problems if you try installing without these basic
> packages. Why not install them, upgrade and then switch back to Exim
> and Abiword?

Ye Gods!  They are NOT basic.  OO provides absolutely _no_ functionality
required by anything else (I use it and love it, but it is certainly no
requirement for Ubuntu).  And imo, Postfix is serious overkill for the
typical ubuntu user.  I use Masqmail.  imo, ubuntu-desktop should
_recommend_ postfix but _require_ mail-transport-agent.  

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