Just a humble introduction.

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Sun Oct 16 14:39:57 UTC 2005

> My name is Ron and I bare my Linux ignorant soul before you. I know
> nothing about Linux or Ubuntu and I am starting at bottom left of
> square one.
> I have nothing but questions on the most basic level, and can offer
> or contribute nothing in return. ( I know even less than you are
> thinking right now, minus a bit more, and with no false modesty. )
> My only attribute is in listening closely.
> As I stand right now, I have Ubuntu successfully installed on a
> dedicated machine and all seems normal and functional. Updates are
> simple enough and the only additional thing that I have managed is
> in setting up KMail 1.8 and all seems well there too.
> Are 'dumb-as-dirt' questions tolerated on this list ? Or should I just
> move along ?

No, you are at the right place, just ask whatever question you have, and
we will do what we can to help ! :o)

Since you seem to prefer KDE apps, I guess you installed KUbuntu not
Ubuntu, so you might like to check their website :

and subscribe to their mailing list as well, to get KDE specific help.

But for generic Ubuntu questions, this list is the right place :o)


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