How to boot an LTSP client?

Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at
Sun Oct 16 14:34:42 UTC 2005

I've installed the new LTSP component of Breezy, following the steps
outlined in Installing the
standalone server seems to have gone fine. The ltsp-build-client ran
to completion, etc. Just to ensure that the DHCP server was working,
for example, I made sure DHCP was disabled on the wireless router that
I have connected to my cable modem and booted a PC (which is wired to
the router) using Breezy's Live CD. It was assigned an IP and was able
to get out to the Internet without any problems.

What I'm stuck on is a *really* basic concept -- how to PXE boot a
client. I have the server on my normal desktop. I have another Windows
desktop (the previoulsy mentioned one, directly connected to the
router) and an IBM ThinkPad T21 laptop with a wireless card (Netgear
WG511v2 PC Card). Both have an option to boot from the LAN in their
bioses. But if I choose that, it doesn't work -- both boot up into
Windows as normal.

So (totally embarrassed here), I don't understand what I have to do
next. Do I need to make a boot floppy/CD? The desktop can boot from a
CD, but the laptop doesn't have one. I have a flash pen drive, though,
that can be used.

What am I missing?


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