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Sun Oct 16 11:26:49 UTC 2005

Le samedi 15 octobre 2005 à 23:14 -0500, Rich Duzenbury a écrit :
> Hi again ubuntu-ers,

Detailed explanation of how to setup apt-proxy in 5 minutes: Server-side

;; All times are in seconds, but you can add a suffix
;; for minutes(m), hours(h) or days(d)

;; Server IP to listen on
;address =

;; Server port to listen on
port = 9999

;; Control files (Packages/Sources/Contents) refresh rate
;; Minimum time between attempts to refresh a file
min_refresh_delay = 1h

;; Minimum age of a file before attempting an update (NOT YET
;min_age = 23h

;; Uncomment to make apt-proxy continue downloading even if all
;; clients disconnect.  This is probably not a good idea on a
;; dial up line.
;; complete_clientless_downloads = 1

;; Debugging settings.
;; for all debug information use this:
;; debug = all:9
debug = all:4 db:0

;; Debugging remote python console
;; Do not enable in an untrusted environment
;telnet_port = 9998
;telnet_user = apt-proxy
;telnet_password = secret

;; Network timeout when retrieving from backend servers
timeout = 15

;; Cache directory for apt-proxy
cache_dir = /var/cache/apt-proxy

;; Use passive FTP? (default=on)
passive_ftp = on

;; Use HTTP proxy?
;http_proxy = host:port

;; Enable HTTP pipelining within apt-proxy (for test purposes)

;; Cache housekeeping

;; Time to perform periodic housekeeping:
;;  - delete files that have not been accessed in max_age
;;  - scan cache directories and update internal tables
cleanup_freq = off

;; Maximum age of files before deletion from the cache (seconds)
max_age = off

;; Maximum number of versions of a .deb to keep per distribution
max_versions = 4

;; Add HTTP backends dynamicaly if not already defined? (default=on)
;dynamic_backends = on

;; Backend servers
;; Place each server in its own [section]

;; The main Debian archive
;; You can override the default timeout like this:
;timeout = 30

;; Rsync server used to rsync the Packages file (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
;;rsyncpackages = rsync://

;; Backend servers, in order of preference
backends =

backends =


So much for the server side. (/etc/init.d/apt-proxy start)

On the client side, I have this in each /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb breezy main restricted universe
deb breezy-security main restricted
universe multiverse
deb breezy-updates main restricted
universe multiverse

deb sarge main being the gateway / proxy IP, of course. change that to your
needs, as well as the mirror urls (mine is France).


apt-get install apt-proxy
man apt-proxy

Works like a charm, and took me 5 minutes to setup.


Niki Kovacs

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