Hoary->Breezy ethernet driver trouble

Neilen Marais nmarais at snowisp.com
Fri Oct 14 16:58:51 UTC 2005


I have two network cards, one a Via affair integrated on my motherboard,
and a PCI Realtek 8139 card. Worked fine in Hoary. After upgrading to
Breezy, the realtek card's module is not getting loaded properley. This
happens wether I use the new 2.6.12-k7 Breezy kernel, or the 2.6.10-k7
kernel that came with Hoary.

The problem is, that both the 8139cp and 8139too modules are getting
loaded. If I manually rmmod both, and then modprobe 8139too, the card
comes up fine. I also tried adding 8139too to the /etc/modules, but this
did not help. How can I convince the module system to do this
automatically? And why did it break my old setup?


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