Mailbox access in a small home network?

Brant Fitzsimmons brant at
Fri Oct 14 15:44:20 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton wrote:

>Brant Fitzsimmons wrote:
>>I would recommend the IMAP server Dovecot.  You can then set your laptop
>>and any other device to synchronize mail with the server allowing you to
>>take the mail with you.
>Any IMAP server, in fact.  I use courier-imap on my lan, but I also get mail
>off a dovecot server that seems to work well.  dovecot's a lot smaller.
>Brant, does dovecot support SSL or TLS? (I know the one I use doesn't but
>perhaps it's not turned on).
It sure does.  Have a look at  I'm
having a really hard time deciding between Dovecot and Cyrus in a
production environment.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

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