[breezy] GPGME was compiled wihtout support for OpenPGP and S/MIME

Arsenio Lupin lupiniii__ at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 14 14:20:40 UTC 2005

Bertrand Haut wrote:
> Since today, I'm no more able to sign my message in kmail. No change of 
> configuration made, only the classical "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade".
> If in kmail, I go to Configure -> Security-> Crypto backends
> the OpenPGP & S/MIME parts of GpgMe are disabled. A rescan produce the 
> following error message :
> While scanning for OpenPGP support in backend GpgME:
>  GPGME was compiled wihtout support for OpenPGP.
> While scanning for S/MIME support in backend GpgME:
>  GPGME was compiled without support for S/MIME.
> Is this a problem of kmail or of the gpgme package ?

Yesterday i had a discussion with a guy on irc. He told me that seems a
problem with some dipendences in kdepim. Using the binary and compiling
from source is the same.

That's the conversation:

(11:03:08) #Kubuntu:   check the buildlogs, there you can see if openpgp
is supported or not
(11:04:36) #Kubuntu:
(11:07:29) #Kubuntu:   Lupin__III: it's a buildproblem
(11:07:43) Lupin__III:   build problem?
(11:08:08) Lupin__III:   first time, i've compiled nothing
(11:08:17) Lupin__III:   and worked
(11:08:19) #Kubuntu:   while building the package(s) some builddeps are
(11:08:35) #Kubuntu:   *** Could not find GnuPG, install GnuPG or use
--with-gpg=PATH to enable it
(11:08:47) #Kubuntu:   tell me the buildlog
(11:09:09) Lupin__III:   i've followed the howto, right?
(11:09:19) Lupin__III:   you, i mean
(11:11:13) Lupin__III:   so, the problem results also in the deb
binaries, right?
(11:11:59) Lupin__III:   compiling what the ubildlog says to you "***
Could not find GnuPG, install GnuPG or use --with-gpg=PATH to enable it"
(11:12:01) Lupin__III:   ?
(11:14:28) #Kubuntu:   the problem exist in the binaries als well in the
source packages.
(11:15:25) #Kubuntu:   the fix is easy ( debian/control ) if the api
isnt changed with 3.4.3
(11:15:47) Lupin__III:   could you fix it?
(11:16:48) Lupin__III:   exactly what package has this problem? gnupg?
(11:18:00) #Kubuntu:   i've to ask Riddell, what he did, and why he
removed the builddepends
(11:18:21) Lupin__III:   ok
(11:18:27) #Kubuntu:   Lupin__III: the excat problem, are the
builddepends of kdepim
(11:19:17) Lupin__III:   trying to downgrade kdepim?
(11:20:05) Lupin__III:   that's very strange
(11:20:06) #Kubuntu:   if kdepim isnt compiled with gpg support, it will
never work correctly. kdepim has it's own gpg function, you can verify
with them signature, more isnt possible ( like crypt / encrypt gpg
crypted messages )
(11:20:53) Lupin__III:   but i've not kdepim...
(11:20:59) Lupin__III:   installed
(11:21:05) #Kubuntu:   ... finally smaine isnt supported by ubuntu :)
therefore you have to compile/modify the packages for yourself
(11:21:36) #Kubuntu:   kdepim is the metapackage
(11:21:52) #Kubuntu:   that includes ex. kmail
(11:22:48) Lupin__III:   can you suggest me something to workaround
until it's fixed?
(11:24:16) #Kubuntu:   no way, if you use the debpackage, you need the
missing builddepends, than a recompile and you get a new set of packages
(11:27:00) #Kubuntu:   Lupin__III: just tell it Riddell, that kdepim is
broken, unfortunately i've no time at the moment for it

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