Mailbox access in a small home network?

Brant Fitzsimmons brant at
Fri Oct 14 12:55:48 UTC 2005

Niki Kovacs wrote:

>We have a small home LAN recently converted to Ubuntu. I work mainly on
>the same desktop PC, but sometimes also on my Laptop. For email, I use
>Is there a way to store my mail centrally on some sort of server
>application, so I can access it remotely (that is: internally in the
>LAN, not from the Internet)?
>Let me describe naively what I want to do. Normally I manage all my
>email on the desktop PC. Say I have to go away for a week. I'd like to
>synchronise my desktop PC's mailbox with my laptop, so my laptop has all
>the emails that are on the desktop.
>During my vacation, the laptop is my main computer. I connect it
>sometimes at hotspots and check my mail. When I come home a week or so
>later, my laptop is the more up-to-date computer, so I want to
>synchronise again. Only, the other way around this time, so the desktop
>PC can retrieve all the mail that is on the laptop.
>And then, from here, is there a possibility that I can check my email
>(still with Evolution) from any computer on the LAN?
>Niki Kovacs


I would recommend the IMAP server Dovecot.  You can then set your laptop
and any other device to synchronize mail with the server allowing you to
take the mail with you.

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