GDB-B&W-X.3.9 dougburton at
Fri Oct 14 01:34:51 UTC 2005

I just finished installing 5.10 stable on my P4 2.8 Ghz machine.  I use 
Boot It NG on this system as my boot manager and always install the 
various OS'es so the bootloader runs on the installation partition and 
not the MBR.  I tried this with the default Grub, but was told it could 
not be done.  My computer has 2 SATA HD's and so I was trying to 
install the bootloader on /dev/sda1.  I even went back into the install 
menu and double checked that was where Ubuntu was installed to and it 
was.  Decided to give Lilo a try and it installed just fine.  Does Grub 
have an issue with SATA HD's?

Just a message from Doug...

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