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Once upon a time Soo-Hyun Choi wrote:

>>> and I cannot do 'ssh' to a machine beyond the
>>> proxy server, how can I do 'ssh'
>> SSH through a proxy? I think there's no way (for http/ftp proxies) apart
>> from using an interactive php-shell on the machine behind the proxy, as you
>> won't get a direct socket-connection to the host.
> Then, how can I do 'ssh'?

SSH like any other remote-terminal-software won't work of the reason told

You can install a webserver on the remote machine. Configure the webserver
to have the sufficiant rights and code for example a php-script which takes
one line of input. The script runs the inputline within a terminal and you
get the output of the script. For sure you need to protect this script from
beeing used by people not allowed to. But this way is really insecure as any
command could be run through this "web-interface".

The question is, why do you need ssh.
If it's for administrative tasks, then you should use webmin.
If it's because you need to transfer files from and to the host, you should
create a https webdav-share on the remote machine. Webdav is a
http-protocoll for remote-filesystems.


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