Accessing a Windows share in open/save dialog boxes

Kim Briggs patiodragon at
Thu Oct 13 05:44:22 UTC 2005

On 10/12/05, Marco Carag <the at> wrote:
> I've mounted a couple of shares via Places->Connect to Server, and they
> show up
> just fine on the desktop and in the Places menu.
> In some instances I need to access these shares or save directly to them;
> however, I'm unable to locate them in a save/open dialog. Where would I
> find the
> shares after they've been mounted? I've checked /mnt, to no avail.

I am writing you a half-answer because a similar question that I posted to
this list went unanswered. I believe using the steps you described, you have
not done a UNIX mount, but added a Samba share. I was never able to solve
opening dialog boxes to windows machines (I was looking for that KDE
"network" icon-type-thing). I can access my linux fileserver now using
Ubuntu linux by executing a short shell script with explicit mounts done
through NFS when I log on.

I can only suggest making your fileserver a linux machine. I have one with
two disks using the rsync program to back up files nightly and all the
computers (linux and windows) in our house point to it as a central
fileserver. Life has been good since I did this.

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