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Once upon a time Soo-Hyun Choi wrote:

> If my machine is sitting behind some proxy server,

What type of proxy-server? Socks, HTTP(s), FTP, ...?

> and I cannot do 'ssh' to a machine beyond the
> proxy server, how can I do 'ssh'

SSH through a proxy? I think there's no way (for http/ftp proxies) apart
from using an interactive php-shell on the machine behind the proxy, as you
won't get a direct socket-connection to the host.

> (even 'apt-get')?

For apt-get you imho need to set the needed proxy-settings within the
wget-configuration (/etc/wgetrc). If you are behind a proxy without
authentification the entries should look like the ones already in the
config. If you need simple authentification the entry for a proxy is
"protocoll://username:password@server:port" (without quotes), if the proxy
is authentificating against a windows-domain, you'll need imho an entry like
"protocoll://domain\\\\username:password@server:port" (WITH QUOTES).

> E.g., what sort of settings should I have to change for proxy? or what
> kind of my machine's settings should be changed?

If these options are not sufficiant you should set the enviroment-variables.
"export ftp_proxy <proxy>" and "export http_proxy <proxy>" (<proxy> should
be replaced by the entries used above).

If it's still not functional you'll need to ask your admin or give us some
more details of the proxy.


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