hoary freezes : how to trace and why ?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Oct 12 21:51:46 UTC 2005

Renaud Vernet wrote:

> Hi !
> My system freezes sometimes, on my laptop.
> This problem happens not everyday, but let's say... every week, although
> I use my computer ~12 hours a day.
> So I have 2 questions :
> - how to trace this ? I guess I have to look in the /var/log/something,
> but what kind of message should I look for ?

Won't find a thing :-)
> - it *looks like* it is a networking issue, because it happens when I am
> connected, or when I transfer a lot.

It's a SATA / CD "thing".  It's a known bug - I think fixed at 2.6.13, but
I'm not sure.  
> I have a dell inspiron 6000, with kernel 2.6.10 compiled by myself, b44
> ethernet driver.

I've got the same machine.  The problem is easily worked around by keeping a
readable CD in the drive.  I haven't had a freeze since I started doing

(btw, there _is_ a networking "thing" too.  The b44 driver times out when
it's first loaded, but I don't usually have a problem after the first few

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