Firefox and Mozilla unstable on Breezy

john levin john at
Wed Oct 12 16:31:46 UTC 2005

sahutoglu sonmez wrote:
> Same here. Not only firefox but also mozilla. I
> noticed that it doens't happen on windows xp. 
> In my case it mostly on the following webpages:
> I use opera when I browse these webpages.
> Sonmez Sahutoglu
> -

Whenever Firefox crashes on me, it's due to trouble with plugins and 
media embedded in web pages. I've browsed around the two sites above, 
and not had a problem. One of the milliyet pages is brolen - I'm 
wondering whether the problem is on their end.
(see for broken page.)

What FF extensions do you have installed? I guess it could be one of 
those causing a problem.


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